Four things you didn’t know about kidney donation


At the Nephrology Associates of Greater Cincinnati, we’ve seen firsthand how organ donation transforms the lives of our end stage renal disease patients. Kidney transplant patients are living longer and leading healthier lives than those on dialysis. Some are even able to return to the lifestyle they led before renal failure, with a few adjustments.

For National Donate Life month this April, we’re celebrating the generous organ donors who have improved so many kidney patients’ quality of life and encouraging others to learn more about donation. Here are a few things you might not have known about kidney donation.

There are different types of organ donation

There are two main types of kidney donation: living and deceased. Living donation involves an operation to transplant one of your two functioning kidneys to a renal disease patient. Deceased donation is the process of donating your kidneys after your death to give new life to others. Both types make a tremendous difference in the lives of renal failure patients.

90,000+ people are waiting for a kidney

According to Donate Life America, more than 90,000 individuals in the United States are currently waiting for kidney donation. This number accounts for more than 80% of all individuals awaiting an organ donation.

The cost of kidney donation is mostly covered by the recipient

The transplant surgery, consultation, and any medical fees associated with the transplant procedure are covered by the recipients insurance. This does not include expenses like travel and lost wages from taking time off work for the procedure.

Better matches typically lead to a more successful transplant

It’s important for individuals from all backgrounds and communities to consider kidney donation because a better genetic match decreases the risk that the recipient’s body will reject the transplanted kidney.

You can learn more about the kidney transplant process on our blog.


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