Renal Hypertension


Why uncontrolled hypertension is a health concern?

Uncontrolled hypertension may result in fatal heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, blocked arteries in arms or legs, stroke, eye damage or poor quality of life.

Renal Hypertension

Your kidneys play an important role in keeping your blood pressure controlled. High blood pressure caused by kidney disease is called renovascular hypertension or renal hypertension.

Cause of Renal Hypertension

Kidney disease causes hypertension and hypertension cause kidney disease. Narrowing in kidney’s arteries is the cause of renal hypertension. Kidneys take low blood flow as sign of dehydration, as a response kidneys release hormones that encourage retaining water and sodium. Blood vessels filled with extra fluid result in higher blood pressure. Hypertension makes your heart’s job tough and can damage blood vessels throughout your body. If the blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged, kidneys can stop functioning. The extra fluid can raise blood pressure even further. If not treated, this sequence can cause kidney failure.

Symptoms of Renovacular Hypertension:

Renal hypertension is typically a silent disease; most of the patients do not feel the narrowing in the arteries or symptoms related to hypertension. This is the reason hypertension is so dangerous. Occasionally patients with high blood pressure feel following symptoms:

Treatments for Renal Hypertension

Medication is usually the first line of defense to keep blood pressure in safe range. Every patient responds differently to medicine. The type and amount of medicine may change time to time. Life style changes can make a big difference. The invasion and surgical options are available if blood pressure is not controlling with medicine.