Kidney Transplant

What is it?


A kidney transplant is a type of treatment for chronic kidney disease. During kidney transplant surgery, your kidney is replaced by a healthy kidney that is an appropriate match for your body.

What are the benefits and risks of kidney transplant?

With a kidney transplant, you may be able to return to life before kidney disease while still adhering to a healthy diet. Dietary restrictions are generally fewer with a kidney transplant, and your energy levels should improve.

At the Nephrology Associates of Cincinnati, we can help patients get an early referral for transplant before they even begin dialysis. This is called a preemptive transplant, and allows patients in the earliest stages of kidney failure to seek a transplant and potentially forgo dialysis. This option may lead to better long-term health and allow you to continue doing many of the things you enjoy.

When a suitable kidney is found, most transplants are successful. However, the length of time the transplant lasts varies from person to person, and some individuals may need to have multiple kidney transplants over the course of their life.

There are always risks associated with surgery, and you may become more susceptible to infections. After the transplant, you will need to continually take an anti-rejection medicine to keep your body from rejecting the new kidney. This medication may have side effects. Your care team can let you know what to expect and adjust the dosage or type of medication to help manage these side effects.

Is a kidney transplant right for you?

Kidney patients of all ages are eligible for a transplant if they are deemed healthy enough to undergo the operation after thorough evaluation from medical professionals.

Individuals who have other health concerns like diabetes may still be able eligible for a kidney transplant. The risks will need to be carefully evaluated, and you may be instructed to improve your chances of successful transplant by losing weight, for example.

Ultimately, your kidney care team at Nephrology Associates of Cincinnati and your family are your partners in determining which treatment option best suites your needs and lifestyle. As your health needs change throughout your life, your treatment options may need to change, too. We are here to help you navigate this process with compassion and personalized care.