Kidney Stone


Physicians at Nephrology Associates of Greater Cincinnati can help if you are experiencing pain from kidney stones. Our aim is to prevent kidney stones from returning along with eliminating them. Our experienced nephrologists who specialize in kidney disease offer medical therapies, dietary counseling or refer to surgical options, depending on type of kidney stones. Physician at our nephrology clinic specializes in treating people who have larger kidney stones and complex kidney stone conditions.

Why kidney stones can hurt you more than childbirth?

Severe pain is the most common sign for kidney stones. When kidney stone passes into the ureter and kidney continue to make urine. Pressure is build up behind the stone and it causes kidney to swell. This pressure causes the pain which in some case is more severe than labor pain.

Kidney or Renal Stone

Kidney stones also known as nephrolithiasis are tiny crystals of salt or mineral in the urine. Generally stone are very small at the formation stage but slowly grow over time to an inch or even larger. Chemical composition of kidney stones is calcium oxalate in most cases. Renal or kidneys stones generally pass on their own, sometimes medical procedures are used to dissolve kidney stones. Kidney stones are moderately common health issue in the United States.


Test to Diagnose Kidney Stones

Treatment of Renal Stone

Treatment of kidney stone depends on the size and location of stone. Treatment could be one or the combination of following:

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Kidney Stone