Low-risk ways to celebrate the holiday season


This has been a difficult year in so many ways, but that doesn’t mean we have to let it steal our holiday spirit. Fall and winter festivities are going to look a bit different, especially for chronic kidney disease patients. Instances of COVID-19 are rising rapidly in the Greater Cincinnati area, making it all the more important for high-risk individuals to play it safe.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to safely celebrate the upcoming holidays. We know it’s not the same as your usual traditions, but from all of us at Nephrology Associates of Greater Cincinnati, we hope you try some of these ideas to find a little joy this season.

Attend a virtual holiday gathering

For many people, getting together with friends and family is an important part of the holidays. While physically being in the same space is a high-risk activity for CKD patients, you can still host a virtual celebration. Try sharing a meal with loved ones using a video chat platform like Google Meet or Zoom.

Start a new tradition

You might not be able to participate in all of your usual holiday traditions this year, so why not start a new one? Gather up others in your household to watch a film, try a holiday-themed craft project, do an outdoor scavenger hunt, or make a seasonal dish together.

Do a no-contact family food drop

Sharing home-cooked food with others is one of the highlights of the holidays for many people. You can still do a no-contact potluck! Cook some of your favorite seasonal dishes and baked goods and deliver them to friends and family. Be sure to maintain physical distance by leaving items at their door and stepping back at least six feet.

Throw a party for your household

Your household holiday party might be considerably smaller than your usual family gatherings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull out all the stops. Put up extra decorations, make your favorite foods, and enjoy the traditions you can do from home.


For more recommendations on CKD-friendly celebrations, visit the CDC’s holiday guide.


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