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How to reduce your kidney failure risk factors


Chronic kidney disease is a gradual process where kidney function declines over time. At the Nephrology Associates of Greater Cincinnati, we believe early detection and prevention are critical to preserving kidney function and reducing the risk of kidney failure. Kidney failure can occur when damage is extensive enough that the kidneys can no longer function with dialysis or transplant. 

While kidney disease can’t be reversed, it’s important to understand the risk factors to slow the progression of the disease. 


4 Things to do after CKD diagnosis


If you’ve just been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD), you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by how your life might change and unsure of what your future looks like. At the Nephrology Associates of Greater Cincinnati, we empower our patients to take an active role in their kidney health from day one. There will be much to learn on this journey, but it’s never too early to start taking control of your health. Here are four things you can do after receiving a CKD diagnosis. 


How Kidney Patients Can Stay Motivated to Exercise


Struggling to stay motivated to exercise? You’re not alone. Regular exercise is important for kidney disease patients to improve muscle strength and function, lower blood pressure, and maintain a healthy weight. Many of our early stage CKD patients even find that low-intensity exercise helps combat feelings of lethargy and tiredness from kidney disease.

When exercise starts to feel like a chore, here are five tips to keep going.


Immune Support Tips for Kidney Patients

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The health of the kidneys and immune system are closely linked. When the kidneys are no longer able to function properly due to damage or disease, the immune system struggles to protect the body against viruses and infections. For chronic kidney disease patients, this makes it especially important to support your immune health. Here are a few immune boosting tips to keep in mind.


Kidney Disease and Fluid Intake


When it comes to fluid intake and kidney disease, less is more. Because the kidneys are no longer able to work effectively, the body is unable to rid itself of excess fluids. Our kidney disease patients at the Nephrology Associates of Greater Cincinnati work with their care team to determine a target amount unique to their situation, but here is some general guidance on fluid intake.


How to Stay Active with Kidney Disease



Staying active is an important part of your kidney care and overall wellbeing. Even simple exercises can have a positive effect on your body and mind.

Why should kidney disease patients exercise?

Exercising may seem counterintuitive for patients with kidney disease when you frequently feel tired. Getting enough rest is important, but adding exercise to your care regimen may help the condition of your kidneys and actually increase your energy levels.

Finding an exercise routine that works for you can also help you sleep better, gain control of your weight and blood pressure, improve your mood, and increase your strength.

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